Who is Rob Burke?

Rob Burke, MA CPT

History is the Foundation for Great New Beginnings

Rob Burke began his training career in 1984 at the Amador Valley Athletic Club (AVAC) in Pleasanton, California.  Rob used his job at AVAC to put himself through college, where he was a competitive swimmer and water polo player.

While working at AVAC, Rob benefitted from training in a top facility while on a student's budget.  He began to see extreme changes in his performance and physical appearance by melding the benefits of cardio and weight training with the daily rigors of athletic competition.


AVAC held very high standards for its employees.  Therefore, each trainer was expected to become an expert in their respective disciplines.  Rob's expertise was swimming and bodybuilding... Two seemingly physicial oxymorons.  As part of Rob's journey into becoming one of the most-requested trainers at AVAC, he was trained by the Arthur Jones Institute in Florida, where he received one of the first ever certifications in Nautilus training.  Rob also taught childrens' and adults' swimming and coached the in-house swim team at the AVAC natadorium.

Even though training quickly became a full time endeavor, Rob completed his two undergraduate degrees in Communications and Physical Education.  The next logical step was to go bigger and better.

Rob left AVAC for an opportunity to test his skills and experience with a more demanding group of athletes in San Francisco.  Purely Physical Fitness was another unique and cutting-edge facility of its kind, offering circuit training and boot camp style workouts.  Rob expanded on his knowledge while teaming with a new group of experienced trainers and fitness professionals.

Following his years in the Bay Area, Rob cut himself away from the San Francisco market for the big leagues of Southern California.  Within two months of arriving in Orange County, Rob purchased a struggling gym and converted it into a popular and successful training studio, exclusive to the beach communities of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Dana Point.

Over the years, Rob has continued to work as a trainer and personal image consultant in Hollywood and most recently in the Seattle area.  And now, Rob has brought his expertise to the metropolitan Santa Barbara area to open a state-of-the-art training and wellness studio in Carpinteria.

The future keeps getting brighter as Rob's next exciting adventure is about to begin... Stay tuned for details of his next fitness business venture.  Be a part of the next big thing.

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